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HEY! I'm Heather! Most of the time you'll find me with a cup of coffee in one hand and a camera in the other while chasing around my two small humans or trekking the world while stuffing my face with Mexican food with my hubby. I have a weakness for plants, leather shoes, sagebrush, and anything goldenrod yellow.  I'm based out of North Idaho, but have a HUGE hunger to travel. I love helping bring communities together and encouraging local resourcing and I find insperation from old photographs and the great outdoors for all my work.



  • travel

  • my two kids/hubby

  • Jesus

  • coffee (breves especially)

  • shopping local

  • not wearing a bra

  • leather shoes



Hey There! I’m Mari! I’m based out of the foothills of Pikes Peak in the beautiful state of ColoRADo. At least once a day I am in front of a computer with coffee on hand and out and about connecting with others. I LOVE ending the day cuddling my family. We are big outdoor enthusiasts, so when possible we are outside enjoying all of what CO has to offer. I love to travel and hope that I will always be a student at heart, I never want to stop learning! I thrive on coffee, hats and talking (lots and lots of talking). I’m a big believer that community is everything and you should invest time pouring grace and positivity and support onto others. I’m also literature obsessed, because of this I fully believe that photography is a tool to tell visual stories: be it your love story or the story of your brand.



  • my hubby & pups (heck my entire fam!)

  • Faith and Spirituality

  • Coffee (just plain with a splash if milk)

  • Mountains & Hiking

  • Books and Hats

  • Education and Community

  • Talking-I really love to talk ;)

  • Nature Conservation





Sage and Spruce is a workshop/retreat for female photographers and makers who need their creative cup filled. For those who want to embrace community over competition and want to come away with not only great content but life long friends and connections. This workshop is designed for those who have business for at least a year and are wanting to help create a creative community where they live. The retreat aspect of S&S is designed to help you prepare for your upcoming busy seasons and start off on the best foot.


When you attend Sage and Spruce you can expect some amazingly styled sessions all locally based to the workshops location (just one more way we're embracing community.) You can expect all of your meals covered family style and a comfortable place to rest your head at the end of each day. We will be going over how to embrace the true meaning of community over competition, growing one's business without a huge social media following and some fun and relaxing surprises to help rejuvenate you for the upcoming wedding season so you leave excited to jump into the next phase of your business. You can also expect some much needed R&R. We build in time for you to rest and relax so you can all be ready to refill your creative cup!


In a sea of workshops, it's hard to decide which one you'll attend and which will serve you best in this phase in your business. Sage and Spruce knows your time and money is limited and we want to make sure that each and every one of you that attends knows that their making a step forward in renewing themselves as creatives and building a foundation that isn't reliant on social media. We have also added the retreat aspect to our workshops. This is still centered around building a community, but in ways of relaxing and enjoying the art of being together. During our three-day's together we will create a community amongst ourselves as well as learn ways to repeat this process wherever we live. We will learn from one another during the styled sessions, talk about ways, tricks, and programs that help make our business and personal lives easier. As well as having some more laid back time to really focus on our creative sides and rejuvenate ourselves as we work in a highly serving field of work.